Customizing the Portal Announcement

The Announcement board on the portal homepage can be used as a dashboard to share information with your team. You can attach views or graphs/charts from apps here as well. Only users with Administrator permissions can edit the portal Announcement.

Editing the Announcement:

  1. From the portal home, click the EditScreen_Shot_2017-05-19_at_10.22.45_AM.png icon on the right side of the Announcement section.
  2. Change the Name of the Announcement section, if desired.
  3. Type your message to your team, using the text formatting tools if desired.
  4. To attach a view or a graph/chart from an app, click Attach App.
  5. Search or select an app.
  6. Using the drop-downs, select either a View or a Graph to attach.
  7. Click Screen_Shot_2017-05-19_at_10.25.49_AM.png.
  8. When you have the desired message, click Screen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_2.25.59_PM.png



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