Following & Messaging Users

You can view other user's Profiles in the portal and Follow them to stay up to date on what they are posting. You can also send private Messages, post on their wall, or view details about the user. 

To view another User's Profile:

  1. In the portal, navigate to a user's Profile by searching their Name in the Search Bar on the right. Alternatively, click the left Navigation Bar Screen_Shot_2017-05-15_at_12.06.58_PM.png, select the People Screen_Shot_2017-05-15_at_12.07.54_PM.png icon , and click a user's Name.
  2. Once on the Profile, to view more information about this user, click Profile.
  3. To begin following the user, click Follow.
  4. To send a private message, click the Message Screen_Shot_2017-05-15_at_12.10.52_PM.pngicon
  5. To make a public comment on their wall, begin typing and click Screen_Shot_2017-05-15_at_12.12.03_PM.png when finished.
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