You can change a user’s password in Users & System Administration. Use this for forgotten passwords or locked out accounts. 

To Change a User's Password

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Users & System Administration
  2. Under User Administration, select Departments & Users.
  3. Select the Edituser_edit.PNGicon next to a user's name. 
  4. Select .
  5. Either select Generate Automatically for the system to create a password, or select Enter Manually and type a password. 
  6. Select Show Password to see the characters.
  7. Select whether to disable Password Expiration.
  8. Save the password, or Save and Send via Email.
    • If sending via email, check the email message, subject, and recipient, and edit if necessary.
    • Click Send.
  9. Click Send.
  10. Click Save.


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