With Integrations, users can use Microsoft Flow to connect with external services. 

About Kintone & Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft Flow is an online service that allows users to connect with various services, including Kintone, Sharepoint, Dropbox, Slack, Email Services, Excel, and so on. By using Microsoft Flow, its supported services can be connected with Kintone.

Kintone uses OAuth for authentication. This ensures a secure connection with Microsoft Flow, and other connected services, without having to type in a login name or password for kintone.com. 


Data registered to Kintone can be reflected in the connected services, and vice versa.


  • Notifying Kintone when an email is received by your email client, such as Outlook
  • When a record has been added to the Kintone application, adding it as an event in Google Calendar

Warning_Sign.png When IP restrictions are enabled on your domain, the connecting service is not available. Allowing access from the IP addresses of Microsoft Flow enables the connecting service. For the list of IP addresses to allow, see the following page on the Microsoft website: Limits and configuration in Microsoft Flow. For the IP restrictions setting, see the following page: Configuring IP Address Restrictions and Basic Authentication.


  • Connection with external services is only supported by Kintone.

To Allow Use of Microsoft Flow to Connect

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Users & System Administration
  2. Under System Administration, click Integrations.


  1. Enable Microsoft Flow and click Set Allowed Users.


  1. In the Set Allowed Users for Microsoft Flow screen, check users to allow them to use the integration service. You can filter users by selecting the department, or search users by using the search box.


  1. Click Save.

The Microsoft Flow integration service in the Users & System Administration screen is now successfully configured. Next, use Microsoft Flow to configure the connection between Kintone and external services. In the account settings, the user can check which external services are connected and can disconnect from services.

Checking the Users with Integration Services

Administrators of Users & System Administration can confirm the integration services which are in use by the user from the Edit User screen.


Connecting with Microsoft Flow

Before using the connector:

  1. Ensure you are allowed to use Microsoft Flow.
    • To allow access, see To Allow Use of Microsoft Flow to Connect in the section above. 
  2. Ensure your IP configurations are allowed by Microsoft.

How to Connect with Microsoft Flow:

  1. Visit the Kintone Connector page of Microsoft Flow and sign in to your Microsoft account. 
  2. Select a trigger.
    • Please note, Kintone is a Premium connector.
  3. You will be directed to enter your subdomain url. Enter it in the format xxxx.kintone.com and click Sign In.


  1. You will be directed to your subdomain and a dialog box will pop up that says Will you Allow Microsoft Flow to Perform the Following Actions. Click Allow.


  1. Next, connect to your app by entering the App ID. Then, follow the instructions to complete the trigger. 


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  • Is this feature available now?

  • Hi Cari,

    Yes, the Integrations feature for Microsoft Flow is now available.

  • How do I connect it to Microsoft Flow? When I search Flow for the Kintone Connector, it comes up blank.

  • Hi Cari,

    Oops! Just found out the Kintone Connector has not been published on Microsoft Flow yet. We've been told this should be published by the end of January. We'll let you know when this is live!

  • Hi Larissa, thanks for your help so far! Is the connector live yet?

  • Hi Nim,

    The Kintone Connector is live and can be found on Microsoft's website! You can check it out here: https://bit.ly/2HWNBLh


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