What happens when a user is deleted?

When you delete a user from Kintone, the persons profile and the portal of the user itself are deleted. Therefore, the attachments and comments added by the user to the users portal are deleted. 
What will remain once a user is deleted?
  • Records the user has added to Kintone apps
  • Comments and attachments the user posted to Spaces and records of the Kintone apps
  • Kintone apps the user has created
  • If the app the user has created is in a Private group, administrators cannot delete the app. The app can only be deleted by the user. Therefore, it is recommended to move the app to a Public group before deleting the user.
  • In People, the comments and data are deleted for the deleted user.
  • The deletion cannot be undone and the user cannot be restored.
  • Instead of deleting, you can reduce the number of active users by making the user inactive.
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