Use Bulk Deletion to easily delete unwanted records without having to delete each one individually. 

Configuring Bulk Deletion 

Before bulk deleting, you must enable the Bulk Delete feature in your App Settings.

  1. Within an app, click the Gear wheel Screen_Shot_2017-07-19_at_9.43.03_AM.png on the right.
  2. Navigate to the App Settings tab.
  3. Under Advanced Settings, select Miscellaneous Settings.
  4. Select Enable bulk deletion of records.
  5. Save and Update App.

How to Bulk Delete

With Bulk Delete, you can delete up to 50,000 records at once.

  1. Once you enable Bulk Deletion, navigate back to your app.
  2. Filter Icon_-_Filter.PNG your records to only display what you wish to delete.
  3. Click the Ellipses Options icon on the right. 
  4. Click Bulk Delete, then Delete.

Please note: 

  • You have to Enable Bulk Deletion in order for it to appear under the Ellipses Options icon. It is disabled on all new apps until you do so.
  • Make sure you Filter Icon_-_Filter.PNG your records correctly. You can not undo this action.
  • To disable this feature for certain users you need to Set App Permissions.
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