Use the Permission Management page to add and remove permissions for users, groups, and departments. The administrator always has all permissions.
To Manage Permissions:
  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select kintone Administration
  2. Under Permissions, select Permission Management.
  3. The page shows the following information for each row of permissions:
    • Priority shows the order permissions are applied to the selected user, department or group when you add a row to the table. When you add a row, the arrow icon displays on the left side of the row. Permissions applied in the top row take precedence over rows under it.
    • The User, department or group column shows to whom the permissions apply. The default is Everyone. You cannot edit the Everyone group. 
    • The Permissions inheritance column determines whether or not all child or sub-departments are included in the assigned permissions. Check the check box to grant the same permissions to the child or sub-departments.
    • Grant the permissions of user(s) to control System Administration, to view or edit App group settings, create Apps, create Spaces, and/or create Guest Spaces by checking the check boxes in the appropriate columns.
  4. To add other users, groups, or departments, click Add and use the User Selector to choose the desired user(s).
  5. To Delete a permission row, click  to the right of a row you added.
  6. To change the priority of a row, drag the arrow icon at the left of the row to move the row up or down in the list.
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