Managing Guests

Use the Guest Management page to manage kintone guest users. 

Managing Guests:

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select kintone Administration
  2. Under Guests, select Guest Management.
  3. Under Guest License Usage, the number of trial guest accounts in use, the number of paid guest accounts in use, and the number of available guest account licenses is displayed.
  4. Click License Upgrade to open the kintone store and manage your account.
  5. The Guest Users section shows information about guest users.
    • The Company, Display Name, E-mail Address, Status, Last Logged In date, Guest Space information, License information, and Trial Expiration Date for each guest is displayed.
    • To edit the guest profile, click the Edit icon, change desired fields, and click Save.
    • To delete the guest, click Delete while editing the guest profile, or click the Trash Can on the right of the user's name.
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