Kintone administrators can create templates from the settings of a Space. Creating a template is useful when users want to create multiple spaces with similar settings. The templates created are available for non-administrative users to create their spaces.

Templates can be exported to and imported from a file. Exported files can be imported into kintone even under different domains.

What are Space Templates?

A space template is a model that users can use to create a copy of a Space with the same design and settings. You can use the template to create a new Space, and then modify it as needed.

Space templates can be created from existing spaces. Creating or deleting templates requires Kintone administration permission.

How to View the Space Templates Page

Use the Space Templates page to import, export, and manage Space templates.

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Kintone Administration
  2. Under Spaces, select Space Templates.
  3. The following fields display for each Space Template:
    • The unique ID automatically assigned when the Space template is created.
    • The Name assigned to the space.
    • Created By shows the administrator who created the Space template. Click the name to open the administrator’s Profile page.
    • Created On shows the date and time the Space template was created. Click the column heading to reverse the sort order of this list.
    • Apps in Template shows the names of apps that are included in the Space template.
  4. Click the Edit icon to edit the Space template’s Name and Description.
    • The name must be 30 characters or less.
    • The Edit Space Template window also shows the apps and threads in the template, if any.
  5. Click the TrashScreen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_3.17.44_PM.png icon to delete a template. 

Creating a Template from a Space

This section explains how to create a template from an existing space.

Only Kintone Administrators can create space templates. Additionally, the following limits are set on the number of threads and the number of apps in a source space:

  • Max Thread = 10
  • Max App = 20

Please note: 

  • A space template cannot be used to create a guest space when an app in the source space has a Department selection field.

To Create a Template from a Space:

  1. When viewing a Space, click the Options icon Options on the top right.
  2. Select Create Space Template.
  3. In the New Space Template window that opens:
    • Edit the Template Name if desired.
    • Enter an optional Description for the template.
    • Note:
      • The Apps in Template section lists the apps, if any, that are in the original Space, and are now included in the template.
      • The Threads in Template section lists the threads, if any, that are in the original Space, and are now included in the template.
  4. Click Screen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_2.25.59_PM.png.

Exporting Space Templates

This section explains how to export a space template to a file. Exported files can be imported into Kintone even under different domains. To export a template to a file, the space must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The size of each file attached to the body of the space or thread is 20 MB or less.
    • Templates do not include any files that are attached to something other than the body of the space or threads.
  • The size of the exported space template file is 100 MB or less.

How to Export a template:

  1. From the Space Templates page, click the Export icon to the right of a template. 
  2. Name the file, and clickScreen_Shot_2017-04-19_at_10.33.46_AM.png.
  3. Navigate to the desired location to save the file and click Save.
  4. The Space template is saved in a file with the extension .sptpl.

Importing Space Templates

This section explains how to import a space template from a file. You can import a template file, even when the file was exported from Kintone under a different domain.

  • Only Kintone Administrators can import templates.
  • After Kintone is updated, you may not be able to import template files that were exported before the update.
    • Ensure that exported template files are imported before Kintone is updated.

How to Import a template:

  1. From the Space Templates page, click Screen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_3.31.16_PM.png on the left.
  2. Click Browse and select the filename.sptpl space template file to import.
  3. Click Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_11.35.19_AM.png.
  4. The imported space template displays in the Space Templates list.  

Data Not Included in Space Templates

The following settings and data are not included in space templates:

  • Settings that specify whether a space is public or private
  • Comments
  • The following data and settings of apps in the space:
    • Records
    • Periodic Reports
  • The following settings related to external apps*1:
    • External apps*1 that are attached to the body of the space or threads
    • Actions whose destination fields are set to an external app*1
    • *1 :"External apps" means any apps that are not in the space from which the template is being created.
  • The following data and settings of the body of the space or threads:
    • Attached periodic reports
    • Mentions
      • The link is removed, but the text remains.
  • Attachments larger than 20 MB
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