Use the Space Templates page to import, export, and manage Space templates.

To view the Space Templates page:

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select kintone Administration
  2. Under Spaces, select Space Templates.
  3. The following fields display for each Space Template:
    • The unique ID automatically assigned when the Space template is created.
    • The Name assigned to the space.
    • Created By shows the administrator who created the Space template. Click the name to open the administrator’s Profile page.
    • Created On shows the date and time the Space template was created. Click the column heading to reverse the sort order of this list.
    • Apps in Template shows the names of apps that are included in the Space template.
  4. Click the Edit icon to edit the Space template’s Name and Description.
    • The name must be 30 characters or less.
    • The Edit Space Template window also shows the apps and threads in the template, if any.
  5. Click the TrashScreen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_3.17.44_PM.png icon to delete a template.


Importing/Exporting Space Templates:

  • To Export a template:
    • From the Space Templates page, click the Export icon to the right of a template. 
    • Name the file, and clickScreen_Shot_2017-04-19_at_10.33.46_AM.png.
    • Navigate to the desired location to save the file and click Save.
    • The Space template is saved in a file with the extension .sptpl.
  • To Import a template:
    • From the Space Templates page, click Screen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_3.31.16_PM.png on the left.
    • Click Browse and select the filename.sptpl space template file to import.
    • Click Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_11.35.19_AM.png.
    • The imported space template displays in the Space Templates list. 
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