Use the Space Management page to view usage information about the spaces in your portal. 

Managing Spaces

Kintone administrators can view a list of all existing spaces. Additionally, Kintone administrators can perform the following actions on every listed space:

  • Join Space: When an administrator joins a space, they are automatically set as an administrator of the space.

  • Leave Space

  • Delete Space: Deleting a space deletes all data in the space, including apps placed in the space.

 Please note:

  • Deleted spaces and apps cannot be restored.

How to Manage Spaces

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Kintone Administration

  2. Under Spaces, select Space Management.

  3. In the lower table on the page, the following information about each space is displayed: 

    • The ID automatically assigned by the system when the space is created.

    • The Name of the space. Click the name to open the space.

    • The Type of the space, either public, private, or guest.

    • The number of Administrators/Members in the space.

    • Updated By shows the user who last updated the space. Click the user’s name to open their Profile page.

    • The Updated Datetime column shows the date and time the space was last updated. Click the column heading to reverse sort the list.

    • The Join or Leave column gives you an option to either join or leave the space. If you are a member of the space, the option is to Leave. If you are not a member, the option is to Join as Administrator

    • Trash Can. Click the Trash Can icon to delete the space. 


Checking Current Usage

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Kintone Administration

  2. Under Spaces, select Space Management.

  3. Under Current Usage, the Limit column shows the allowed limits under your current license agreement for spaces and guest spaces, and the Current column shows the number of spaces and guest spaces currently used in the portal.

  4. Click License Upgrade to manage your account.

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