Use the App Management page to view usage information about the apps in your portal, and to change settings for each app in the portal. 

Checking Current Usage

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select App Management
  2. Under Current Usage, the Limit column shows the allowed limits under your current license agreement for each item in the list.
  3. The Current column shows the number of apps currently in the portal, and the highest number of records per app, fields per app, and API (Application Programming Interface) requests per day in any of these apps.
  4. Click License Upgrade to open the Kintone store and manage your account.

Managing Apps

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select App Management
  2. The Apps section of the page shows you the following information about each public app in the portal. Click any column heading to reverse the sort order of this list.
    • The ID automatically assigned by the system when the app is created.
    • The Name assigned to the app. Click the name to open the app in a new tab.
    • The Change Settings column shows the Gear Wheel icon. Click it to open the Settings page for the app in a new tab.
    • The App Group column shows whether the app belongs to the Public or Private app group. A user who has Administrative permission can see a list of all apps, regardless of whether the user has permission to access the apps, excluding apps that belong to the Private app group of other users. 
      • You can set an app to public or private by clicking the Options icon in the Change Settings column, selecting, App Settings, Change Appearance, and choosing the desired App Group.
    • The Status column displays the status of the app.
      • Not Activated: Indicates the app has been added but not yet activated.
      • Activated:Indicates the app has been activated. 
      • Changed: Indicates the app has been activated, but the setting changes have not yet been applied to the activated app. 
    • The Records column shows the number of records currently in this app. 
    • The Fields column shows the number of fields currently in this app. 
    • API Requests per Day shows the highest number of function calls made to the Application Programming Interface for this app in a given day.
    • Updated By shows the user who last updated the settings of the app. Click the name to open the user’s Profile page in a new tab.
    • The Updated Datetime column shows the date and time the settings of the app were last updated. 
    • Click the Trash icon to delete the app. In the confirmation message click Delete to delete the app, or Cancel to cancel.


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