Checking Export Results

Use the Exported Files page to view and download files that have been exported from an app.
You can export records from an app if you are an administrator or the person who added the app to the portal. You can create a file for export when viewing the app’s record list.
This page can be accessed via your notifications,, or by going to the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG and selecting Exported Files
How to use the Exported Files page:
  1. If a file was just exported, click Refresh to see the latest status. If the App Name list is showing next to Refresh, you can select All Apps.
  2. The Exported Files Ready for Download list shows the filename of each file containing records exported from an app, the App name, and the date and time of export. The To Be Deleted column shows a date 3 days in the future when the file is to be deleted from the portal. You can click to delete the file now. 
  3. You can cancel the export before it is finished by clicking Cancel at the right side of the row in the Files Being Exported section.
  4. Click the Download icon to download and save a file.
  5. The Files Being Exported list shows the progress of files currently exporting. This list shows the File name, App name, Exported date and time, and when the file is to be deleted from the portal.
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