Checking Your Login History

kintone stores your login history for the most recent two weeks. Use the login history to check for any suspicious login activity.
How to Check your Login History:
  1. Click the arrow next to your display name on the top right of the page.    Screen_Shot_2017-06-28_at_11.11.51_AM.png
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. On the right, click the Login History tab.
  4. The Active Sessions list shows you your account's login activities with active sessions. Each entry includes the date, time, and location of when you logged in as well as the type of device and browser used to access your account.
  5. The History list shows you your login history for the most recent two weeks. 

What to Do If You Notice Suspicious Login

If you find suspicious login activity on your account, such as logins from an unknown location or IP address in the Active Sessions list, click the Terminate Terminate icon to stop the session and change your password immediately. We recommend that you contact your administrator to report the problem. 
If you see anything suspicious in your History list, this may indicate that someone has compromised your account. Change your password immediately and notify your administrator.
Note: If you have logged in via the kintone mobile app, you cannot log out by clicking the Terminate link in the Active Sessions list. To log out of your account, change your password.
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