Accessing Services from Public Networks

This article is for those who started the free trial before September 8, 2019. For details on the start date, see How to Check the Trial Start Date.

Use the Mobile Access tab in your Personal Settings when you want to access Kintone from an external network. If Mobile Access does not appear, please contact your system administrator.

Mobile Access displays the following information:
  • Link to the client certificate file, in the format login_name.pfx
  • Certificate expiration date
  • Certificate password
  • Access URL
  • Information on how to access via Web browser
  • Information on how to access via iPhone or Android App
  • The system does not display the Client Certificate information including the link to the client certificate file or the password if users are prohibited from downloading client certificates on the Download Permissions page.
Installing Client Certificate on Your Web Browser
You can install the client certificate on your Web browser by following the instructions provided in the Access via Web Browser section in Mobile Access. After adding your client certificate to your Web browser, confirm that you can access your Kintone URL from a public network.
  • Five days before your client certificate expiration date, a message telling you how many days remain until the certificate expires appears when you log in, unless you log in with a kintone mobile app that does not support this feature.
  • Ask your administrator to re-issue your certificate before it expires.
Accessing via iPhone or Android App
You can send the setting file to enable access to kintone via iPhone or Android app to your device by following the instructions provided in the Access via iPhone or Android App section in Mobile Access.
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