Mobile-Optimized View

On mobile devices, you can display pages the same as on your PC, if your Administrator allows users to switch between mobile-optimized view and desktop view. In the Kintone Mobile App, downloaded from the App Store, pages always appear in mobile-optimized view and the view cannot be changed.

To display the pages the same as on your PC:

  1. Access your Kintone domain on your mobile browser.
  2. Tap Settings in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Select Desktop View.
  4. To display pages on the mobile-optimized view, tap Settings in the menu bar again, then select Mobile-optimized view. 

Available Features on Mobile-Optimized View

The following features are available on the mobile-optimized view:

General features:
  • View notifications
App features:
  • View record lists
  • View graphs
  • Add, view, edit, delete, and search records
  • Check record history
  • Post, view, and delete comments
  • Change a record's status and push to the next assignee, in apps where process management is enabled
  • Add and remove apps from favorites

Limitations on Mobile-Optimized View

Be aware of the following limitations when accessing your Kintone domain from your mobile device:

General features:

  • Search throughout Kintone is not available.

App features: 

  • Limitations on record lists:
    • Records to be displayed can only be selected from pre-configured views or categories in an app.
    • Only record titles are displayed in a record list. See Setting Record Titles for how to configure the record titles in your apps. 
  • Limitations on data entry in a form:
    • Rich text fields will display as plain text fields.
  • Displaying app descriptions is not available.
  • Actions will not display in mobile view.

Spaces and People features: 

Only the following functions are available for comment and body fields in spaces and threads:
  • Entering plain texts
  • Mentioning recipients
  • Attaching files

Limitations of Safari on iPhone

  • Only images and videos can be attached.
  • Playing attached videos is not available.
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