Use the Feature Activation page to enable and disable the following Kintone features:

  • Email Notifications & Formats
  • Default Setting for User's Personal Settings
  • Spaces
  • Guest Spaces
  • People and Private Messages

By default, the features are set as follows:

Feature Default
Email Notifications Activated
Space Activated
Guest Space Activated
People and Message Activated

Please note:

  • For details on the settings of email notifications, please see Enabling Email Notifications.
  • When a feature is deactivated, the registered data is retained, however, notifications that were sent more than two weeks ago are deleted. 

Email Notifications & Formats

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Kintone Administration.
  2. Under Other, select Feature Activation
  3. Under email notifications, select the Activate email notifications check box to send email to users when an app record is added or updated. This feature is activated by default.
  4. Email Format, select HTML email or Plain text email.
    • Select HTML email to send formatted email notifications. Formatted email contains formatting features such as bold text and graphics.
    • Select Plain text email to send unformatted plain text email notifications. Plain text contains no special formatting and cannot contain graphics.
  5. Other Settings, check the box to Send REST API notifications by email
  6. Click Save.

Default Setting for User's Personal Settings

Choose between the two default notification settings for users. Any change that is made is applied to users who have not yet modified their personal settings and to new users added hereafter.

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Kintone Administration.
  2. Under Other, select Feature Activation
  3. Select one of the following: 
    • Never send notifications: users will receive no email notifications.
    • Send only notifications where I am mentioned: users will receive email notifications only when they are mentioned (@display_name) in a message post.
  4. Click Save.

Please note:

Spaces and People

By default, Spaces, Guest Spaces, People, and Private Messages are all enabled. To deactivate a feature, unselect the check box. Disabling the feature does not delete it's data, it simply hides it from the platform. To reactivate the feature and restore the data to the platform, select the check box again. 


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