Supported Formats for Importing

Field Type Supported Format
  • Any type of string is supported.
Text Box(Multi-line)
  • Numbers, including numbers with decimal points and minus signs. e.g. -1.23
  • Exponent values are also supported. e.g. 5.00E+05
  • Currency signs (such as the $ sign) and commas are not supported.
Rich text
  • Any string in HTML format is supported.
Check box
  • “1” and “0” are supported.
  • “1” will check the check box, and “0” will uncheck the check box .
  • In the header row, state each check box or multi-choice option in the following format:
    • Field name[option name] e.g. Check box1[sample1]
Radio Button
  • Strings specified in the choice options are supported. e.g. Option1
  • The following date formats are supported:
    • YYYY/MM/DD
    • YYYY-MM-DD
  • If DD is omitted, the first day of the month will be substituted. 
  • If MM and DD are omitted, the first day of January will be substituted.
  • The following time format is supported:
    • HH:MM
  • Seconds will be omitted if entered.
  • If MM is omitted, 0 minutes will be substituted.
Date and time
  • The following date and time format is supported:
  • YYYY, MM, DD, HH, and MM are required.
  • The ISO 8601 format is also supported.
User selection
  • The login names of users are supported.
  • Multiple login names of users are also supported by placing one user login name per line.
  • Values stored in the Key Field of the data source app are supported.
  • Values for fields that are selected for Field Mappings in the Lookup field settings will be automatically updated when a value is assigned to the Lookup field.
  • To enable Lookup, you need to select the Prohibit duplicate values check box for the Key field in the data source app.
Record number
  • The record number strings that exist in the app are supported.
  • Records that are specified here will be updated when importing the CSV file.












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