Checking System E-mail Failure History

The System E-mail Failure History page displays the system e-mail send failures for testing e-mail notifications. For more on e-mail notifications, see Enabling E-mail Notifications
To view the System E-mail failure history:
  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Users & System Administration
  2. Under System Administration, select System Mail Account.
  3. ClickScreen_Shot_2017-06-22_at_12.42.25_PM.png.
  4. The latest 10 system e-mail sending failures are displayed. 
  5. The page also displays the Recipient, the sent Date and Time, the Server Settings Utilized, and the Error Code
  6. The Server Settings Utilized column displays the SMTP Server, port number and whether SMTP over SSL is on or off.
  7. The Error column displays a link you can access to view an html page with an explanation of the message.
  8. If the sending failure of a test e-mail does not appear on the this page, try reentering the Test E-mail address and refreshing this page.
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