Downloading Archived Audit Logs

Use the Download Logs 6 Weeks and Older page to search for and download archived audit logs. The system archives audit logs with a retention period of more than 6 weeks. See Configuring Retention Periods and Export File Formats of Audit Logs for more.

To download archived Audit Logs
  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Users & System Administration
  2. Under Audit Logs, select View & Download
  3. Click Download Logs 6 Weeks and Older.
  4. Enter the year of archived logs you wish to download.
  5. Click Screen_Shot_2017-06-12_at_10.28.03_AM.png.
  6. The Log Dates and files are displayed.
  7. Click the filename under Download to begin the download of the archived file.


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