Permissions for Downloading Client Certificates

This article is for those who started the free trial before September 8, 2019. For details on the start date, see How to Check the Trial Start Date.

You can control the permissions for users downloading their Client Certificates. Use the Client Certificate Download Permissions page to grant or deny these permissions.
To Edit Download Permissions
  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Users & System Administration.
  2. If Client Certificates are in use, the Client Certificate section under System Administration will be visible.
  3. Under Client Certificate, select Download Permissions.
  4. Check or uncheck the box.
    • If the check box is selected, users can download their client certificates on the Secure Remote Access page.
    • If the check box is unchecked, users cannot download their client certificates and they cannot view the Secure Remote Access or Mobile Device Access pages.
    • Clearing the check box does not disable the client certificates that have already been downloaded by users.
    • You can disable the certificates that have already been downloaded on each User's Edit User page.
  5. Click Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_11.15.51_AM.png.
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