The following settings can be configured per application and are App-specific; not available in App Templates:

  • App code
  • Notifications using recipients other than the following:  
    • Administrator user
    • Administrator group
    • Everyone group
    • Author field
    • Last modified by field
    • Assignees (when Process Management is used)
  • Permissions
  • Periodic reports
  • User selection fields using:
    • Preset users
    • Default values
  • Filter conditions for views and reports:
    • Selection of users other than the following when filter conditions are specified by user selection fields
    • Administrator user
    • Logged-in user
  • Filter conditions that are specified by the following fields:
    • Author
    • Last modified by
  • Process Management
    • Selection of users other than Administrator user when user selection fields are specified for branch criteria
    • Assignees other than the following: Administrator user, Administrator group, Everyone group, Author field, Last modified by field
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