File Formats for Importing User Available Services

This article describes the file formats for importing User Available Services. See Importing User Administration Data for more on importing.

Import file example
Login Name Service Code 1 Service Code 2
John Smith ki sa

Description of each column
Item Required Description
Login Name
  •  User's login name.
Service Code  
  • Enter the service codes with two characters corresponding to the services as follows:
    • Kintone: ki
    • Client Certificate Authentication: sa



  • If you started the free trial on or after September 8, 2019, you cannot use Client Certificate Authentication.
  • Import each User in a separate row.
  • For assigning multiple services to a user, enter one service per column.
  • Importing with an empty login name does not update the services available to use.
  • Importing with no service codes for a user makes all services unavailable for the user.
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