File Formats for Importing Membership

This article describes the file formats for importing Membership.
See Importing User Administration Data for more on importing.

Import file example
Login Name Department Code 1 Job Title Code 1 Department Code 2 Job Title Code 2
John Smith org001 director org002 manager
Jane Smith org001   org002  

Description of each item
Item Required Description
Login Name
  •  User's login name.
Department Code  
  • Existing department code.
Job Title Code  
  • Enter a job title code for the corresponding department code.
  • Leaving the job title blank sets "No Job Title". 


  • Import each user's Membership in a separate row.
  • Enter one job title code for each department code.
  • The department that is specified in "Department Code 1" will be the priority department of the user.
  • For users who belong to several departments, enter each department code in a separate column.
  • Importing with no department code of a department that a user belongs to removes the user from the department.
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