To launch an app, click its icon, either on the portal Home page, or in the Apps in Thread pane on the right side of a space.

When using an app, you can perform the following functions:

  • View the app Name and Icon at the top left of the page. Screen_Shot_2017-08-10_at_11.55.48_AM.png
  • Click the Pin pin icon on the right to add this app to the Favorite Apps list on the portal Home page. Click the Pin unpin  icon again to remove it.
  • The Breadcrumbs across the top left show you the space name, if the app you are viewing has been created in a space, and the app name, the view, and record you click in to. Click an item in the Breadcrumb list to display that item.Screen_Shot_2017-08-10_at_11.58.42_AM.png
  • Click the Information show/hide description icon on the right to show and hide the app description.
  • Click the Plus New icon to add a new record. Click Save to save it and Cancel to cancel changes.
  • Click the View View icon to select a view from the View list. Different views typically present a different set of fields in each record. The View list contains two default views: Assigned to Me and All Fields. Assigned to Me shows records assigned to you in apps where process management is enabled. All Fields shows all fields in each record.
  • Click the Filter Filter icon to filter records in the view. Click Apply to see the filtered list. Click Save as New View to name and save the new view. 
  • Click the Graph icon to select a preset Graph from the Graph list. While viewing a preset graph you can select other types of graphs to show.
  • While viewing a graph you can also export the graph data to a file by clicking the Options Options icon and selecting Export to File.
  • While viewing a graph you can use the Embed function to show the graph in another Web page by clicking the Options Options icon and selecting Embed Tag. Add the embed tag to the HTML source of the Web page. Select Show graph name to include the graph name with the graph.
  • Use the Graph Create Graph tool to create a graph while using the app. See Creating a Graph. Click Save as New Graph to name and save the graph and add it to the list of preset graphs. Or, just click the Apply button to view it temporarily.
  • The top and bottom right of the app page shows the number of records displayed, the total number of records in the app, and left and right arrows to page forward and back. You can change the number of records per page in the app’s Options Options menu.                                               Screen_Shot_2017-08-10_at_12.20.30_PM.png
  • To make the header row always visible when scrolling, click the Options Options icon and then select Lock Header Row.
  • Click a column heading to reverse the sort order between ascending and descending.
  • Drag the Column Divider  to widen or narrow a column. To restore default column size, click the app’s Options Options icon and select Autofit Column Width.
  • On the right of a row of data, click the Edit Edit icon to edit any editable fields showing in the current view. Click the Save Save icon to Save, and Cancel Cancel to Cancel the edits.
  • Click the Delete Screen_Shot_2017-08-10_at_12.50.32_PM.pngicon to delete a record. 
  • Click the Show Show icon to show details of a record. A Show Show icon with a number record with comments means the record has that number of comments.
  • For apps with process management functions, a status indicator on the left of a record shows the Current Status and Status History of the record.
  • While viewing record details, you can use the Comment pane on the right to post comments and view comment history.
  • Click the Comments hide comments pane icon to show or hide the comments pane.
  • Click the History hide history pane icon to show or hide the history pane.
  • Use the tool bar at the top right to Add a record, Edit, Duplicate, Print, or Delete the current record, or Change the App Settings.Screen_Shot_2017-08-10_at_12.41.14_PM.png
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