Editing an App Form

Use the Form settings page to design an input form for each record in your app. You can create a new form from scratch or edit an existing form. Users will see this form when they create or edit a record.
Please note:
  • Each app has one form. 
  • Only app administrators can edit the form.
  • Up to 500 fields can be placed on a form.
Creating/Editing a Form
  1. Within an app, click the Gear wheel Screen_Shot_2017-07-19_at_9.43.03_AM.png on the right.
  2. Navigate to the Form tab.
  3. Drag field types from the left onto the blank area on the right. See Field Type Descriptions for more information on each field type. 
  4. Place fields in desired space on the form.
  5. For each field, hover over it, click the Optionsgear_wheel.PNGicon, and select Settings to configure the field settings.
    • Give the field a Name, or use the default name, and/or choose to hide the field name.
    • You can select whether to make this a required field.
    • You can choose a default value to display on the form.
    • Change the field code if desired.
    • When you have filled in all the required field settings, click Save
  6. To duplicate a field, hover over it, click the Optionsgear_wheel.PNGicon, and select Duplicate
  7. If you want to delete the field, click the Optionsgear_wheel.PNG icon and select Delete.
  8. When you finish editing the form, click .
  9. If you are editing the form, click Update App.
  10. If you are creating a form, click Activate App.

Select Fields in Line with your Purpose

Purpose Field to be Used
Displaying Unique Numbers Record number
Displaying descriptions or warnings when data is being entered on the form Label
Adding a blank space to the form Blank Space
Adding an option item to the form where only one option can be selected

Radio Button


Adding an option item to the form where multiple options can be selected.

Check box


Enable data to be retrieved from other apps Lookup
Display a list of records on the form Related Records
Group fields together Field group
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