Customizing an App with App Settings


With App Settings, you can tailor your app to fit your specific business needs. 

App Settings will only display for administrators of the app and therefore can't be changed without the app administrative permission. To change or add an app administrator, see Setting App Permissions and check the box Manage app next to the user, department or group's name.

Navigating to App Settings

  1. From an app, click the gear wheel Screen_Shot_2018-05-03_at_4.03.49_PM.png to the right.
  2. Navigate to the Forms, Views, Graphs, or App Settings tab to customize your app.

Use the Form settings page to design an input form for each record in your app. Users see this form when they create or edit a record.


Use the Views tab to filter, sort, and display information that is most important for your business. Views you create are added to the list of views users can view in an app.



Use the Graphs tab to design graphs to visually represent and summarize data. Graphs you create are added to the list of graphs users can view in the app.


App Settings

In the App Settings tab, you can customize your app further by adding in features like Process Management, Notifications, and Permissions.

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