Managing Guest Spaces

A Guest Space allows you to collaborate with external partners, customers, etc. who are not users of your platform. 
Kintone users, with permission, can create Guest Spaces. In Guest Spaces, you can send invitation emails to your external partners, customers, etc. Once they receive the emails, they can access Kintone from the email and create a guest account. Guests can access only the Guest Space and the apps that belong to the Guest Space
The Guest Space(s) you are a member of can be found in the Spaces section on the portal home page. 
Creating a Guest Space

Guest Spaces
can be created only by users with the administrative permission.
  1. Under Spaces on the portal home page, click Screen_Shot_2018-07-06_at_14.07.13.png.
  2. Select New Guest Space.
  3. Create a new space from scratch or from a Space Template.
    • If you use a space template, the process of creating a Guest Space ends here. All steps below are only required for those who want to create a space from scratch.
    • A Space Template is a model that users can use to create spaces. When users use a space template, the settings defined in the template are applied to the new space.
      • Space Template cannot be used when an app in the Space Template has a "Department selection" field.
  4. Name the new Space.
  5. Configure the settings for the Space.
    • In the Appearance tab:
      • "Guest Space - visible only to space members and invitees"
        • This check box cannot be changed. Guest Spaces are private and exclusive to space members and invitees.
      • "Enable multiple thread. Note: This setting cannot be reverted."
        • Select this check box if you want to allow threads to be added.
      • "Block users from joining or leaving the space and following or unfollowing the threads."
      • Cover Photo
        • Select a cover photo for the space.
        • You can upload an image file to use as a cover photo.
          • The size of the uploaded cover photo scales in line with the window size of your web browser.
    • In the Members tab:
      • Add space members here. At least one of the members must be an administrator.
  6. Click Screen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_2.25.59_PM.png.
Inviting Guests
You can send invitation emails to your external partners, customers, etc to invite them to your Guest Spaces. Only administrators of the Guest Space can invite guests. 
How to Invite Guests:
  1. While in the Guest Space, click Options at the top right.
  2. Select Manage Guests.
  3. Navigate to the Guests tab, and click Screen_Shot_2018-07-06_at_14.23.01.png.
  4. In the Invite Guests dialog, enter the email address of each guest. Separate multiple email addresses with commas.
  5. If desired, edit the Subject and Message of the invite email.
  6. Click Screen_Shot_2017-05-24_at_11.36.54_AM.png.
The Guests tab in the Space Settings dialog will show the guests you invited, their status as Invited, and the date and time the invitation will expire. After the guest signs into the platform, the guest's display name is shown in the Display Name column, and their status is changed to Active. To cancel the invitation or delete the guest, click Delete.
What the Guest Receives
Invited guests receive an email invitation from the address
The email contains the text that was set up when sending the invitation, and also contains the name of the Guest Space and a URL. The email states the URL expires after one week. If you are worried about the invitation email getting processed as junk/spam, notify guests of the email address the invitation will be sent from.

To join, the invited guest must:

  1. Click the URL in the email, which links to a signup form.
  2. Enter a Display Name that will show in the guest space.
  3. Create a Password. The password must be a combination of letters and numbers with a minimum of 3 characters.
  4. Click Login. The guest is immediately logged into the Kintone portal guest space. A second automatic email from confirms the account set up. It provides the URL to the guest space and the user's password. 

Inviting Guests with Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification provides additional security by requiring guests to enter a verification code. When two-step verification is enabled, in addition to entering their email address and password, the guest must enter a verification code to log in.
When the Enter Verification Code page displays, a verification code is sent to the guest's email address. The verification code in the email is valid for one hour after the email is sent. The guest must retrieve the verification code from email and use it to log into the guest space. The guest must retrieve a new verification code for each login.
See Setting Guest Authentication for configuring two-step verification. 
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