Creating an Action in a Thread

You can create Actions in space threads to copy comments and URLs in the threads and create new records in a target app. In the Field Mappings section, you can map Source Fields in space threads to Destination Fields in a target app to specify what comment information in the thread you want to pass to the new records of the target app. 
Creating an Action in a Thread
  1. In a thread, hover over a comment until you see the action.png button.
  2. Clickaction.png.
    • Any existing Actions, which you can edit or delete, will appear, as well as the option to create a new Action
  3. Click New Action.
  4. In the Action Settings window, enter a Name for the action.
  5. The Source is automatically “Any Threads" and is not editable.
  6. In the Target field, select or search for an app in the portal from the drop-down list. This is the app which the information in the thread will be passed to.
  7. Field Mappings are optional. If you leave the default and do not map any fields, when a user clicks the action, a new record in a target app will show up with no part of the comment transferred to the new record.
    • For the Source Field, select an item from the list: Comment text, Comment posted date/time, Comment posted by, or Comment permalink.
    • For the Destination Field, select a field from the target app. The list of destination fields vary depending on the selected field type in the Source Field.
  8. In the Available To section, select users, departments, or groups who will use the new Action.
    • You must include your own name in the Available To field.
    • When you select departments or groups, the action will be available to all members in these departments or groups.
    • If all users are to use the action, select the group Everyone.
  9. Click Screen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_2.25.59_PM.png.

Please note:

  • Only people selected in Available To can see and use the action.
  • Users are required to have the following permissions for target apps to use thread actions:
    • Permission to add new records
    • Permission to edit destination fields in the app
  • Guests cannot create an action.
  • In Guest Spaces, thread actions cannot be used.

Available Destination Fields

The available destination fields vary depending on the data from the comment being copied over to the new record. Below you will find the fields needed in the Target App to set Field Mappings for Actions:

Source Fields from Thread Available Destination Fields in Target App
 Comment text  Text Area / Rich text
 Comment posted datetime  Date and time / Date
 Comment posted by  User selection
 Comment permalink  Link (only if the type of the entered value is URL)

Using Actions in Threads

How to Create a New Record with an Action: 

  1. To use the new Action, click action.png by hovering over a comment in a Thread.
  2. Click the Action Name in the pop-up and new record will open in the Target app.

How to Edit an Action:

  1. Click action.png by hovering over a comment in a Thread.
  2. To Edit the Action, click the Edit Edit icon next to the Action Name.

How to Delete an Action:

  1. Click action.png by hovering over a comment in a Thread.
  2. To Delete the action, click the Delete Delete icon next to the Action Name.


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