Using Spaces

A Space is a workspace where you can add apps and collaborate with team members by viewing common information and discussion threads. Use the Spaces section on the portal home page to access the spaces you have access to and create new spaces. You can create a space or guest space only if you have this permission.

To View a Space

  1. From the portal home page, navigate to the Spaces section on the right.
  2. Click a Space in the list to open it.
  3. You will see the Announcement board, Threads, Apps, Members, and Related apps & spaces for this space.

Configuring Space Settings & Managing Members

Use Space Settings to change the settings and appearance of the space and manage the space members.

  1. When in a Space, click the Options icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select Space Settings.
  3. In the Appearance tab, edit the space Name if desired.
  4. If appropriate, edit the following options for your space:
    • Private Space- these spaces are visible only to members. Users who are not members of the space do not see the space on their portal home. In Guest spaces this setting is locked. Guest spaces are private and visible only to space members and invitees.
    • Enable multiple threads- if selected, the space can support multiple discussion threads, instead of the default single discussion. In a multiple-threaded space, you can select the New Thread option to start a new thread.
    • Block users from joining or leaving the space and following or unfollowing the threads-This setting hides Leave button to members, and they cannot leave the space. It also hides the Join button to members and they cannot join the space. Likewise, users who are following a thread must remain so, and non-followers cannot begin following threads in the space. 
  5. Select a Cover Photo from the default images, or click Browse and navigate to a different image. The cover photo displays at the top of the space.
  6. On the Members tab, use the user selector to select users, groups and departments to be members of the space. 
  7. If appropriate, select a user to be a Space Administrator. Space administrators can change the space settings.
  8. If appropriate, check the box to Include Affiliated Departments as members.
  9. To Delete a user, group or department, click the Screen_Shot_2017-07-31_at_9.18.00_AM.png at the end of the row.
  10. Click Screen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_2.25.59_PM.png to save your changes.


Adding an App to a Space

Adding an App from within the space will create a native app in the space. Only apps created from within the space will display under Apps.

  1. In the Apps section, click the Screen_Shot_2017-07-31_at_9.21.33_AM.png.
  2. Add an app as you would if you were adding an app on the portal home. For details on creating apps, see below:

Related Apps and Spaces
You can add apps and spaces that are related to the content in this space.
  1. In the Related Apps & Spaces section, click theScreen_Shot_2017-07-31_at_9.21.33_AM.png.
  2. To add an App: select Apps from the drop down list, enter an app name to the search box, then select the app to add it.
  3. To add a Space: Select Spaces from the drop down list, enter a space name to the search box, then select the space to add it.
  4. To Delete an app or space, click the Screen_Shot_2017-07-31_at_9.18.00_AM.png at the end of the row.
  5. Click Screen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_2.25.59_PM.png to save your changes.

Deleting a Space

You can delete any space you create by using the Options icon in the top right corner of the space and selecting Delete this Space. If you are an administrator, you can also delete spaces using the Space Management page.

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