Use the Login Page settings page to customize your login page.
To navigate to the Login Page settings page, click the gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG, select Users & System Administration, and click Login Page under Customize

Here, you can change the background image and the welcome text that displays above the Login credentials.
The default setting is as follows:
  • Customers who started the free trial before September 8, 2019
    The default welcome text is your company name as registered in Kintone Store.
  • Customers who started the free trial on or after September 8, 2019
    The welcome text is not displayed.
To Customize your Login Page
  1. Enter desired Welcome Text in the box. To display nothing in this area of the Login Page, just leave the field blank. 
  2. Click Browse, locate a file from your device, and select a background image. 
  3. To delete the image, click the Delete Delete icon.
  4. Click Save.
    • When you logout and log back in, you will see the new image and text.

You can use the following file types for the background image:

  • gif
  • jpeg
  • png
  • bmp


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