Customizing the Header Bar

You can customize the Header Bar that runs across the top of the kintone platform by changing the following:
  • logo that appears in the left corner of the header
  • the URL that displays when the logo is clicked
  • the color 
By default, the kintone company logo appears in the yellow header bar. Clicking it takes you to the kintone Portal home page. Only Kintone Administrators have access to customize the header bar

To change the Company Logo
  1. To navigate to the Header Settings page, click the gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG, select Users & System Administration, and click Header under Customize
  2. Click Browse, locate an image from your files, and click Save.
  3. To delete an uploaded logo, click the Delete Delete icon and click Save. The default Kintone logo cannot be deleted.
  4. The recommended size for the company logo is 87 pixels in width and 26 pixels in height. You can use the following file types for the company logo:
    • gif
    • jpeg
    • png
    • bmp

To change the URL

  1. From the same Header Settings page, enter the desired link under URL.
  2. Click Save.


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