Exporting User Administration Data


Use the Export to File page to export user data to a delimited text file. You can export user data, user available services, departments, membership data, job titles, groups (or roles), and user groups (or roles) membership data. You can use these exported files to import user and user administration data into another Kintone portal.

To export User data

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Users & System Administration
  2. Under User Administration and Bulk Actions, select Export to File.
  3. In the Contents to Export drop-down, select the data you wish to export. Choose between Users, User available services, Departments, Membership, Job Titles, Groups (or Roles), and User groups (or roles) membership. 
  4. To include the column headers in the export, select Include header row.
  5. Select the desired Character Encoding.
  6. Select the desired Delimiter. The default is Comma.
  7. Check the Preview section to ensure the data and columns are correct for the file you will be exporting.
  8. Click Screen_Shot_2017-05-26_at_10.16.05_AM.png.


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