File Formats for Importing Departments

This article describes the file formats for importing Departments.
See Importing User Administration Data for more on importing.

Import file example
Department Code Display Name New Department Code Localized Name Language for Localized Name Parent Department Code Description
org001 Sales Department * Sales Department en    
org002 Sales Dept#1 * Sales Dept#1 en org001 Industry: manufacturing
org003 Sales Dept#2 * Sales Dept#2 en org001 Industry: financial

Description of each column
Item Required Description
Department Code
  • Entering the same department code as an existing department code updates the information of the existing department.
  • Entering a new department code adds a department with that code.
Display Name
  • Unique name of the department.
New Department Code
  • Entering an asterisk (*) sets the same code as the existing department code, entering a new code updates an existing department code.
Localized Name  
  • Entering a localized name requires an entry to the "Language for Localized Name" field.
Language for Localized Name  
  • Enter one of the following:
    • ja for Japanese
    • en for English
    • zh for Chinese
Parent Department Code  
  • Leaving the field blank places a department at the top level.
  • Entering the department code of the desired Parent Department.
  • Enter an optional description of the department. 


  • Import each Department in a separate row.
  • Importing a file without the existing departments removes these departments.
  • Place a parent department in the row above the child departments.
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