File Formats for Importing Users

This article describes the file formats for importing Users.
See Importing User Administration Data for more on importing.

Import file example
Login Name Display Name New Login Name Password Surname Given Name Phonetic Name Localized Name
John Smith John Smith * xxxxx Smith John    
Jane Smith Jane Smith * xxxxx Smith Jane    

Description of each column
Item Required Description
Login Name
  • Entering the same login name as an existing login name updates the information of the existing login name.
  • You cannot enter an asterisk (*) for "Login Name".
Display Name
  • User's display name.
New Login Name
  • Entering a new login name updates the login name.
  • Entering an asterisk sets the same login name as the existing login name.
  • Password to log in to Kintone.
  • Last name.
Given Name  
  • First name.
Phonetic Surname  
  • Phonetic version of last name.
Phonetic Given Name  
  • Phonetic version of first name.
Localized Name  
  • Entering a localized name requires an entry to the "Language for Localized Name" field.
Language for Localized Name  
  • Enter one of the following codes corresponding to the language used in the "Localized Name" field:
    • "ja" for Japanese
    • "en" for English
    • "zh" for Chinese
  • Email address.
  • Enter "1" for active users or "0" to deactivate users.
  • Enter one of the following codes corresponding to the language the user uses:
    • "ja" for Japanese
    • "en" for English
    • "zh" for Chinese
    • "auto"  or blank to use Web browser settings
Time Zone  
  • Leaving the field blank sets "Asia/Tokyo".
  • Phone number.
  • Phone extension. 
Mobile Phone  
  • Mobile phone number. 
  • Website URL.
Employee ID  
  • Optional ID.
Hire Date  
  • Use "YYYY-MM-DD" or "YYYY/MM/DD" format.
  • Use "YYYY-MM-DD" or "YYYY/MM/DD" format.
  • Optional notes.
Display Order  
  • Use an integer in the range of 0 to 99999999.
Skype Name  
  • User's Skype user name.
To Be Deleted  
  • To delete the user, enter "1".
  • To add or update the user profile, either enter an asterisk (*) or leave the field blank.


  • Import each User in a separate row.
  • To leave a value as is, enter an asterisk (*) in the field.
  • If a language other than Japanese, English, or Chinese is specified in the language settings of the user's Web browser, the user screen is displayed in English even if "auto" is entered in the "Language" field.
  • When Custom Fields are added to user profiles, add the field(s) in the column(s) following the "To Be Deleted" column. 
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