This article is for Guests whom have been invited to join a Kintone guest space and have already received an email linking to the sign-up form. Guests should have entered their email address and created a password, and received a URL to log into the guest space.
Logging in
  1. Navigate to the Kintone space login page.
  2. Enter the email address you provided.
  3. Enter the password you created.
  4. Click Login.


2-Step Verification

If the Enter Verification Code message displays upon login, it means the Kintone site you are logging into requires 2-step verification for added security. When you log into the guest space a second and subsequent times, an email is sent to the address you provided. The email contains a verification code that is valid for one hour after the email is sent.
  1. Retrieve the verification code from your email.
  2. Enter it in the Verification Code field.
  3. Click Verify.
What Guests can do in a Guest Space
When you are a guest in a guest space, you will receive notifications in your email when items are added to the space. You can stop or adjust email notifications using your Kintone Personal Settings. See About Your Profile for what you can do in your Profile and how to change your personal settings.

On the portal home page you can check notifications, view tasks assigned to you, open available apps, and open the guest space. In the guest space you can join discussion threads, use available apps, edit your personal wall, and view other space members and their personal walls.
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