Use the Profile Settings page in Users & System Administration to prohibit users from editing their profiles and adding custom fields to their profiles.

Prohibiting Users from Editing Their Profiles

Use the Permission to Edit Profile section to control permissions for users to edit each item on their profile:
  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Users & System Administration
  2. Under User Administration, select Departments and Users.
  3. Click Screen_Shot_2017-08-10_at_9.40.24_AM.png.
  4. For each item, select either Allow to allow users to edit the item on their profile, or Deny to prohibit users from editing the item.
  5. Click Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_11.15.51_AM.png.

Adding Custom Fields to User Profiles

Use the Custom Fields section to add a custom field to the user profile. You can also edit custom fields and reorder the list of fields. The Custom Fields list shows the Field Name, Field Code, Field Type, Visibility, and Edit Permission columns for each custom field in the user profile, if any exist. To add a custom field:
  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Users & System Administration
  2. Under User Administration, select Departments and Users.
  3. Click Screen_Shot_2017-08-10_at_9.40.24_AM.png.
  4. Under Custom Fields, click New.
  5. Enter a Field Name for your new field.
  6. Enter a Field Code. This must be a unique code that you can target in an app.
  7. Select a Field Type.
    • Use a Single-line text field for a field value consisting of letters and/or numbers.
    • Use the User selection field to select users, groups, or departments as the field value.
  8. Select the Visibility check box to make the field visible to everyone.
  9. In Edit Permission, select whether to allow users to edit this field.
  10. Click Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_11.15.51_AM.png.
  11. The new field displays in the Custom Fields list.
  12. To edit a custom field, click its Edit Edit icon.
  13. To reorder the list, click Reorder.
    1. Drag the field’s arrow Move icon up or down in the list.
    2. Click Save.
To see the added custom fields, navigate to a user's Profile by searching their name and clicking Profile. The new custom fields display at the bottom of the user’s profile. 
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