Adding and Editing Users

In Users & System Administration, use the New User page to add users to the system, and the Edit User page to edit existing users.

To Add a User

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Users & System Administration.
  2. Under User Administration, select Departments & Users.
  3. Click .
  4. Fill out the Required Fields (marked with a red * asterisk).
    • Enter a Display Name. This name appears in the menu bar at the top of the page.
    • Enter a Given Name, and Surname.
    • Enter the Login Name. The user uses this name to log into the Kintone portal. Login names are case sensitive.
    • If these are the only fields you wish to configure, click Save, and create a Password for the user. See Creating a Password below.
  5. Fill out the Optional Fields.
    • Click Browse to add a picture of the user.
    • Enter the user’s Email Address.
    • The Status field defaults to Active. Click to toggle between Active and Inactive.
    • Under Available Services, select the Kintone kintone service to allow basic access to the Kintone portal. Select Client Certificate Authentication Client Certificate Authentication to require a more secure method of user authentication. See Using Client Certificate Authentication
    • Click the Org Chart Org Chart icon to select the user’s department or sub-department. Select a job title if available. You can add this user to more departments and sub-departments if available, by clicking the icon again. To delete a department, click Delete.
    • If you selected more than one department for this user, select a Priority Department.
    • Enter a Phone Number.
    • Enter a website URL.
  6. Click optional_fields.PNG to display additional Optional Fields
  7. Click Save.
  8. See Creating a Password below.


To Edit an Existing User

  1. From the Gear wheel gear_wheel.PNG select Users & System Administration
  2. Under User Administration, select Departments & Users.
  3. Next to a user's name, click the Edituser_edit.PNGicon.
  4. Update desired fields, or click  to delete. 
  5. Click Save, or Delete.
Creating a Password
When you click Save to create a new user, the Create Password page appears, where you set a password for the user.
  1. Either select Generate Automatically for the system to create a password, or select Enter Manually and type a password. 
  2. Select Show Password to see the characters.
  3. Select whether to disable Password Expiration.
  4. Click Create to save the new user, or click Create and Send via Email.
    • If sending via email, check the email message, subject, and recipient, and edit if necessary.
    • Click Send


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