How to Build an App

In Kintone, there are 6 ways to build an app.

  1. Creating an App from Scratch
    • After adding the app, you can use Kintone's drag-and-drop feature to place your custom fields on a form and configure the items depending on how you plan to use the app. 
  2. Creating an App from the Marketplace
    • The Kintone Marketplace offers plenty of apps categorized by the type of business, industry, and usage. Once created, you can easily modify the settings to fit your specific requirements.
    • This method is recommended for first time app builders. 
  3. Creating an App from a Template File
    • Kintone Administrators can bypass Template Import by immediately creating a new app from the Template .zip File.
  4. Creating an App from a Template
    • If a Kintone Administrator creates an app template, the template can be used to create a new app.
  5. Creating an App from a CSV or Excel file
    • You can import an Excel or CSV file to create an app.
    • This method is useful for migrating Excel data to Kintone apps.
  6. Creating an App from an Existing App
    • You can create a new app by duplicating an existing app that is already created on Kintone. This will act as a clone of the initial app. 

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  • Hi can you help me to build app for house cleaning

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  • Hi Bahra- What kind of data are looking to store in your app? Who needs access?

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