Creating an App from an Existing App


You can clone an existing app to create a new app in your portal. Creating an app from an existing app allows you to quickly match the settings including the form, process management, permissions, notifications, etc. This new app acts as a clone of the initial app. 

The new app inherits all of the settings except the following:

  • App Code
  • API Token
  • Settings that are applied to plug-ins in use

Please note:

  • The registered data from the initial app is not inherited. To copy existing data to an app, see Bulk Updating.
  • You can only duplicate apps you have administrative permission for. For details on how to set administrative permission, see Setting App Permissions.

Adding an App from an Existing App

  1. On the portal Home , to the right of Apps, click the Plus icon(+).

  2. Click Create from Existing App

  3. Search for or select the app you wish to clone.

  4. Click Screen_Shot_2017-08-24_at_9.37.39_AM.png.

  5. Update the App Settings as desired to make any changes from the existing app.

  6. Click Screen_Shot_2017-08-24_at_9.38.54_AM.png and click OK.

  7. The app is now added to your portal. 

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