Configuring a Related Records Field

A Related Records field automatically pulls in records from another application to the single record of another, based on a matching key field. This is how you can related your database apps together. See also Configuring a Lookup Field.

Requirements for a related record table:

  • 2 kintone applications- one data source app and one app to display the data.
  • Each application must either have a Text (single-line), Number, or Look-up field to serve as a unique identifier.

To configure a Related Records Field:

  1. Within an app, click the Gear wheel Screen_Shot_2017-07-19_at_9.43.03_AM.png on the right.
  2. Click the Form tab.
  3. Drag and drop the field to the form. 
  4. Hover over the Related Records field Settingsand click Settings.
  5. Set the following options: 
    • Name- Enter desired Table Name, or select Hide Field Name.
    • Data Source App- Select the app you wish to pull data from.
    • Fetch Criteria- Set the criteria to pull records in. From the first drop-down, select the field in the current app, and from the second drop-down, select the field from the data source app. When these fields are equal, the associated records will display in the current app. 
    • Filter- Set optional filters to view only the data that meets the filter conditions in the Lookup Picker.
    • Datasource App Fields to Display- Using the drop-down, select one or more () fields to display in the current app. 
    • Display Order- Set a optional sorts to override the default record sorting of descending by Record Number.
    • Max Records to Display at a Time- From the drop-down choose the desired amount of records to display, either 5, 10, 20, or 30.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Save Form.
  8. Click Update App.




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