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What is Kintone?

Kintone is a cloud-based, no-code business application development and deployment platform that provides communication, data, and business process management in one portal. Teams of all sizes can collaborate and solve business process inefficiencies by rapidly creating custom database and work flow-driven applications. Custom applications built with Kintone range from CRM, Project Management, Asset Management, SCM, and much more. 
Logging In
You have either received a login name and password from your system administrator or you have created a password yourself if you signed up for the Kintone free trial.

When you first log into Kintone, you will see the home page. This is where maintenance notices are posted and on the left, you can select between Kintone or Administration(if you are Admin permissions). To set up your environment and add your team members, click Administration. To access the main Portal, click Kintone.
Welcome Announcement
The Administrator can edit the announcements on the portal Home page. All team members can see this announcement. Team members cannot edit this announcement unless they have been assigned Administrator privileges.

The Welcome announcement in the Kintone free trial tells you about:
  • Kintone tutorials link that opens the Tutorial space. A space is a workspace that the Administrator and users can create. You can see the tutorial threads and sample apps on the right side of the Home page.
  • build your own apps link that opens the thread for the tutorial for creating new apps.
  • Video Tutorials that help you learn about Kintone functions. The videos are posted on Kintone's YouTube channel.


Navigating through Portal Home

The top page of Kintone is referred to as the portal. The portal is an entry page to Kintone. In the portal, you can go to apps or spaces you want to use and check notifications.

  • Portal Menu Bar 
    • When you are logged into the portal you’ll see the portal menu bar across the top. On the left their are three icons, the Home Screen_Shot_2017-04-20_at_9.58.36_AM.png icon that brings you to the portal home, Notifications notification.PNG icon where you check notifications, and Bookmarks star.PNG icon for your bookmarked apps and search results. 
  •  Quick Access Bar
    • Click Screen_Shot_2018-03-02_at_5.26.31_PM.png on the top left to show the quick access bar. Click the icons in the quick access bar to view the portal Home, Spaces, Apps, and People pages.
      • Portal Home: View announcements and other content relevant to you.
      • Spaces page: A space is a workspace created by you or others, where you can collaborate with team members by viewing common information and exchanging messages. The Spaces page shows all workspaces you can access.
      • Apps page: The Apps page shows you a list of the apps you have in the platform.
      • People page: View each team member’s personal wall. You can view profiles, upload a cover photo that appears at the top of your personal page, add comments, send messages, and initiate following others.
  • Portal Settings Menu
    • Click the gear wheel gear_wheel.png to show the portal settings.
    • When logged into the portal with Administrator privileges, the Settings menu contains the App Settings, Kintone Administration, and Users & System Administration options. When logged in to the portal with End User privileges, the Settings menu displays only the App Management, Personal Settings, Imported Files, and Exported Files options.
  • Tour and Help 
    • Click the question mark Screen_Shot_2018-05-10_at_13.55.49.png to display the tour and help. Kintone Administrators will have the option to contact Kintone Support from here.
  •  Profile Page
    • Click your name or your icon Screen_Shot_2018-05-10_at_3.02.43_PM.png to access your profile page
  • Account Settings and Logging Out of Kintone
    • Click the drop down arrow Screen_Shot_2018-05-10_at_14.04.36.png on the top right to access the account settings and log out of Kintone.
  •  Search Bar
    • Enter keywords in the search bar Screen_Shot_2018-05-10_at_3.02.53_PM.png to search any contents in your app.
  •  Viewing the Number of Records Assigned to You
    • Locate the Assigned to Me section and find the number in the red circle Screen_Shot_2018-05-10_at_14.17.46.png. This number shows how many records are assigned to you in each app that uses the Process Management feature.
  • Creating & Viewing Apps & Spaces
    • Spaces: This area shows thumbnails of spaces within the portal. You can choose from the drop-down to view Joined Spaces (spaces you joined), Created Spaces (spaces you created), All Spaces or Guest Spaces (created for and limited to external guests).
    • Apps: This area shows thumbnails of apps in the portal.You can choose from the drop-down to view All Apps or Favorite Apps.
  • Displaying Announcements
    • Click the edit mark Screen_Shot_2018-05-10_at_14.12.08.png to edit and display announcements to all users. Only Kintone administrators can edit announcements.
What is an App?
An App is a feature for creating business apps to help you manage your data and business processes. You can manage sales data, customer information, customer inquiry history, To-Dos, reports, document files, and other various types of data. Additionally, you can establish business processes that are associated with the data.

Creating apps is easy and you don't have to know how to program to do it! You can create apps from scratch or choose ones from the Kintone Marketplace. There you'll find plenty of useful apps that you can immediately add to your domain.

What is a Space?

Spaces are used to communicate with other team members. When creating a Space, you can invite specific team members and then discuss and share information on a specific topic.

Once you are in a space, you can create apps that link to that space. With these apps, you can manage information, documents, or To-Dos to be able to easily collaborate with your team.

Need to communicate with external members? Create a Guest Space where non-kintone users are allowed to log in and participate. Guest spaces can be used when communicating with those in other companies for collaborative projects.

What is People?

People is a feature used to directly contact or share ideas with one another. You can use the People feature to do the following:

  • Check the user's profile and contact details.
  • Send private messages to other users.
  • Provide information and suggest your ideas to users who are following you.
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