Using Users & System Administration
The Users & System Administration panel is for adding and editing users and departments, customizing the look and feel of Kintone, security, access controls, audit logs, and time and language settings.
You can access the Users and System Administration panel in a couple of ways.
1. From the Kintone Portal
2. When you first log-in to your subdomain

To start Users & System Administration from the Kintone Portal, click the wheel icon on the top black banner of the page, near the search window, and click Users & System Administration.

Users & System Administration starts and the system displays the Service Usage page. 

The Administrator navigation bar on the left side of the page contains links to functions such as adding departments and users.
Another way to access Users & System Administration is from your Administration Home which appears when you first log in. The Administration Home page contains links to the Administrator setup functions, Kintone Portal app, and more.
To return to the Administration Home page, click Administration Home. 
Administrator Basics
Adding a Department


Name departments or team within your company.

  1. Select Users & System Administration from the Options menu.

  2. Under User Administration, select Departments and Users.

  3. Click New Department.

  4. Enter your department name, select a language, and click Save.

Adding Team Members

To invite your colleagues to participate, add them as new users. 

NOTE: Before you create any new users and their passwords, we recommend that you enable the Force users to change their password on first login option in the password policy. For details on how to change the setting, see "Security Settings for Kintone".

  1. Select Users & System Administration from the Gear wheel Screen_Shot_2018-03-08_at_3.25.19_PM.pngSettings .

  2. Under User Administration, select Departments & Users.

  3. Click New User.

  4. On the New User page, enter your colleague’s display name, login name, and email address. You can also browse to a photo and enter other optional information such as time zone and language.

  5. Click Save. The Create Password dialog box appears, where you can set a password for your colleague and send it via email.

  6. Select whether to auto-generate a password for the user or enter one manually.

  7. Select whether to Show Password and see the characters instead of ●●●●. 

  8. Select whether to disable password expiration.

  9. To save the password and send it via email, click Create and Send via email and proceed to the next step. 

    If you do not want to send the email, you can save the password by clicking Create.

  10. In the Send Password and Login Information via email dialog box, confirm the email address in the To field. 

    The email address that you entered in step 4 automatically appears in this field so you can edit the email address if needed.

  11. Check the default subject and the text message, and edit them if required.

  12. Click Send.

After adding the user, you can edit the user information by clicking the Edit icon next to the user’s name on the Departments and Users page. 


NOTE: You can assign a team member the Administrator role by clicking Administrators under User Administration.

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