Creating an App from a CSV or Excel file

Creating an app from Excel or CSV file allows you to quickly match fields from your existing data and populate your app with records.

Creating an App from a spreadsheet: 

  1. From the portal home Screen_Shot_2017-04-20_at_9.58.36_AM.png, navigate to the Apps section.
  2. To the right of Apps, click the plus sign (+).
  3. Select Create from Excel or CSV.
  4. Click Browse and navigate to the desired file to upload. 
    • File limits: Excel: up to 1 MB; 1,000 rows; 50 columns; CSV: up to 100 MB; 100,000 rows; and 50 columns
    • To minimize errors, make sure that the Excel/CSV files meet the criteria in Supported Formats for Importing.
  5. After a file is imported, the app is named the file name. Click Rename to change the app name.
  6. Under Preview First 5 Rows, adjust the import range by clicking Import Range and specifying the left top cell and right bottom cell of the sheet.
  7. Under Preview, check the following:
    • The column names in your spreadsheet or table are correct.
    • If the data is garbled, change the character encoding.
    • If the columns are misaligned, change the delimiter.
  8. Under Match Field Types, match the column names from your file with field types in kintone, using the drop-downs. 
  9. Once all fields are matched, click Screen_Shot_2017-04-20_at_10.20.31_AM.png.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Your new app is now displayed under Apps on the portal homepage.
  12. Within the app, click the Gear wheel Screen_Shot_2017-07-19_at_9.43.03_AM.png on the right to configure Process Management, Permissions, Views, Graphs, Notifications, etc.
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