Creating an App from the Marketplace 

Add any of the pre-made apps in the kintone Marketplace to your domain, and then customize them to meet your needs. 

To Create an App from the Marketplace:

  1. From the portal home Screen_Shot_2017-04-20_at_9.58.36_AM.png, navigate to the Apps section.
  2. To the right of Apps, click the plus sign (+).
  3. Select Create from Marketplace.
  4. Once you've found the desired app, click Screen_Shot_2017-04-20_at_10.31.30_AM.png
  5. Click Add.
  6. The app is now located under Apps on the portal homepage.

Customizing the App:

  1. From within the newly create app, click the Gear wheel Screen_Shot_2017-07-19_at_9.43.03_AM.png on the right.
  2. Navigate to the Form tab to drag and drop new fields, or change the settings of existing fields.
  3. Configure Process Management, Notifications, Permissions, create Graphs, etc.
  4. Click Update App


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