Steps to Get Started with Kintone (for Users)

Article Number:020420

This section describes steps to follow at first login to Kintone.

  1. Set your Web browser.

    1. Check the supported Web browsers for Kintone.
    2. Check the setting of your Web browser.
      Even when you use supported Web browsers, Kintone pages may not be displayed correctly unless your browsers have been properly configured.
      Check your Web browser settings by referring to "Setting up your Web browsers".
  2. Receive the following information from your administrator:

    • Login URL https://(subdomain_name)
    • Login Name
    • Password
  3. Start a Web browser and access the login URL.

  4. Add the login URL to favorites or bookmarks of your Web browser.
    This helps you to access the login URL from next time.
    For details, refer to "Need to Access the Login URL Quickly".

  5. Enter your login name and password provided by your administrator, and then click "Login".
    After you are logged in successfully, a list of available services appears.
    Login screen

    • If You Are Asked to Change the Password at Your First Login
      Your Administrator enabled the "Force users to change their password on first login" setting in the "Password Policy" configuration.
      Enter a password other than the one your administrator provided in "New Password" and "Confirm Password" fields, then click "Save".
      Screen to request you to change your password

    • If You Are Not Asked to Change the Password at Your First Login
      You can continuously use the password provided by your administrator.
      If your Administrator permit you to change your password, you can change it by yourself.
      For details, refer to "Changing Your Login Name and Password".

  6. Click your user name in the upper right of the page, and then click "Edit". Image to click Edit

  7. Check your profile and make changes if necessary.
    To change your profile, click Icon.
    For details, refer to "Changing Profiles".
    Image to show a profile

  8. From the menu in the upper left of the page, access Kintone.
    Image to select the service
    Refer to the user help topics as needed.