User ID

Article Number:020253

User ID is an identity provided by system.
It is created when the user is added. User IDs cannot be changed or deleted.

You can find the user ID in the URL shown on "Edit User" screen.

  1. Click gear shaped administration menu icon in the header.

  2. Click "Users & System Administration".
    Accessing Kintone Users & System Administration

  3. Click Departments & Users. Screenshot: "Departments & Users" is highlighted

  4. Enter a display name or a login name of the user in the search box to search the target user.
    You can also expand the department tree and select the target user.

  5. Click Edit icon for the user.
    Screenshot: how to find a target user and click the edit icon of the user

  6. Check the "id = (number)" at the end of the URL.
    Screenshot: The "id = (number)" at the end of the URL is highlighted