Configuring Profile Items That Users Are Allowed to Change

Set whether users are allowed to edit each item in their profile.

  1. On the "Kintone Users & System Administration" page, under "User Administration", click "Departments & Users".

  2. Click "Profile Settings".

  3. In Permission to Edit Profile, specify whether to allow users to change the fields.
    Edit User screen

  4. Click Save.

Available Profile Items and Their Default Values

One permission type in the settings screen may apply to multiple profile items. For details, refer to the notes in the following table:

Field Default Value Notes
Picture Allow
Display Name Deny This applies to the following items:
- Display Name
- Localized Name
Name Deny This applies to the following items:
- Surname
- Given Name
- Phonetic Surname
- Phonetic Given Name
Login Name Deny
E-mail Deny
Phone Allow
Mobile Phone Allow
Extension Allow
Skype Name Allow
URL Allow
Employee ID Allow
Hire Date Allow
Birthday Allow
Priority Department Allow
About Me Allow