User (not visible)

Article Number:020240

"User (not visible)" is an alternative notation used for a user.
When you enable department access control, users belonging to inaccessible departments appear with the name "User (not visible)".
Department Access Control

In Case 1 and Case 2 shown below describe the specific conditions in which this name would be displayed. Screenshot: Screen of Kintone. The user name in the posted comment appears as "User (not visible)"

Case 1: When "Affiliated Company B" views the information registered by "Affiliated Company A"

When department access control is enabled, users cannot view the department information and profiles of other users in different departments.
Therefore, when a member of "Affiliated Company B" views the comment posted by a member of "Affiliated Company A", the name of a member of "Affiliated Company A" is displayed as "User (not visible)".

Case 2: When User Y from "Affiliated Company A" is deleted

In, when the user information is deleted, the information on the user's department will also be deleted.
Even for users who belonged to "Affiliated Company A", they are treated as users who do not belong to any department after their user information is deleted.
As a result, when a user from "Affiliated Company A" checks a comment of deleted User Y, User Y is displayed as "User (not visible)".

Displaying User Names Instead of "User (not visible)"

The procedures are different based on the situation to solve.

To Solve Case 1 Situation

Clear Department Access Control.

To Solve Case 2 Situation

Change the status of target user to be "Inactive" without deleting him/her.
Deactivating Users