Changing Names of Users

Article Number:020237

This page describes the procedure to change the registered name in Kintone.

About the Fields to Register Names

In Kintone, the following two fields are available for registering user names.

Surname, Given Name
Register user's name.
Display Name
Register the name the user wants to show. User's name can be registered as is.

Usage Example

Notations other than user's name can also be registered following the requests as shown below.

To show both user's name and phonetic name
Surname, Given Name: 菅野 丈二
Display Name: 菅野 (Sugano)
To show abbreviation instead of long name
Surname, Given Name: William Jones
Display Name: Will.J
To show both user's name and nickname
Surname, Given Name: Yamada Kentaro
Display Name: Yamada Kentaro (Ken)

Usage Example of Display Names

Possible usage examples are shown below.

Example 1: To display the nickname and the year hired in Kintone

Register "Andrew Brown" for "Surname" and "Given Name", and "Andy Brown (Year hired 2021)" for "Display Name".

Example 2: To display names in local language in Kintone

Register the names in alphabet for "Surname" and "Given Name", and register notations in a local language for "Display Name".

Example of Thai

Register "Somying" in "Given Name", and "สมหญิง" for "Display Name".
If you also enable "Localized Name", it is displayed as "ソミー" for Japanese display language.
Displaying Localized User Names in Display Language

Example 3: To distinguish users with the same name

Register "Surname" and "Given Name", and for "Display Name", register notations as below to distinguish them.

  • John Smith (Domestic Sales Department)
  • John Smith (HR Department)


  1. Click gear shaped administration menu icon in the header.

  2. Click Users & System Administration.
    Accessing Kintone Users & System Administration

  3. Click Departments & Users.
    Screenshot: "Departments & Users" is highlighted

  4. Enter a display name or a login name of the user in the search box to search the target user.
    You can also expand the department tree and select the target user.

  5. Click Edit icon for the user.
    Screenshot: how to find a target user and click the edit icon of the user

  6. Update "Surname", "Given Name", or "Display Name". Screenshot: The name related fields are highlighted

  7. Click Save.